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Month: October 2014

Day 1 – First day in Shanghai

What a way to start a trip.

Get told that we are waiting for a thunder storm to past before we take off from Auckland then proceed to have a continuously bumpy flight which lead to no sleep. At least I met Miah, a touch ref that had done the trip a few times so I got to get some insight into what to do / expect.

Upon landing in Shanghai customs etc was the easiest i’ve ever had. Jumped on the Maglev train at a slow 301km/hr.

This is where it got a bit crazy for a while. Once off the maglev train, the order was gone. We hopped on the city Metro and experienced Chinese population density first hand. I got half way on the train with no room and doors shutting before getting the straps on my pack almost stuck in the doors. read more

Start of an Adventure

A very long time coming it seems but it’s finally here!

The running itinerary is roughly.

Shanghai – Nepal – Geckos tour through Nepal and Tibet – Frankfurt, Germany – Hangout with Lukas – Wander between Germany and Norway till xmas – Norway with Anders for xmas – Dog Sledding in Norway (hopefully) – Frankfurt – Home.

Will keep the first post short and sweet, just needed to get it going first!


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